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Caressa Flannery - Pulsemaster - Entrepreneur - Marketer - Web Developer - Event Planner

Founder & Pulsemaster

Create-a-Pulse Marketing is a progressive marketing company with an array of expertise in many industries and niche markets. We feel marketing is the heartbeat of any business. If you aren't marketing, you have no pulse! We strive to provide the best service, products and programs to meet the needs of businesses and individuals.

Create-a-Pulse Marketing is owned and operated by Caressa Flannery, who has over 25 years experience in advertising and marketing for the small business and more than 30 years in social and corporate event planning. Over the past 20 years, Caressa has assisted businesses marketing their companies via the Internet, including through social media platforms. She has a unique perspective and knowledge of both sides of web construction. Now she specializes in a unique web service that allows a small business to look better than their competitors, bring customers in the door and put money in their pockets. 

Prior to starting her business, Caressa was a web producer and business development manager for two local web development companies. She also worked for an advertising agency, a real estate franchise and two companies geared to new homeowner marketing. She is a Past President of the Frederick Jaycees and the Greater Frederick Advertising Federation.


Currently, Caressa is the Founder and Coordinator of the Frederick DoGood-er Awards, where individuals in the community are nominated and highlighted for "doing good" and giving back to their communities.  She also is a long-serving member of the Alive@Five committee and a Past Chair of Frederick's 4th of July.


Professional accolades include being named by Frederick Magazine as a "People to Watch" recipient in 1998. GFAF awarded her the Crystal Prism for club achievement in 2004 and in 2013, Caressa received the coveted Silver Medal award for outstanding contributions to advertising, furthering industry standards, and excellence and responsibility in areas of social concern.

Take a look at all Create-a-Pulse Marketing has to offer. We make it our goal to provide the best we can in Improving Pulse at a Time!



Ready to create a pulse in your marketing? Contact us!
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